Pismo to Los Angeles

While still in Pismo, we had a bad-news/good-news day. Bad being that the bike decided it would be a good time to bust the counter shaft oil seal and dump oil out on Ryan’s driveway (one of the better times for it to happen for us actually) and the good news being that our Brazilian visa’s have been processed and we’re good to head out and leave the country!! We spent a good part of the day figuring out what we needed to do to replace the counter shaft oil seal, and then went on nice ride up to a neat little hike where we were able to explore a little cave and wander through a valley near San Louis Obispo.

Smelly little cave

Smelly little cave

2014-03-19 at 17-15-47

The next morning we lazed around a bit then took off down the coast yet again to Santa Barbara. We found a gracious host, GSWayne from advrider.com and his wife who took us in and were wonderful company. Next, down to LA. Hanging out in LA is wonderful as my Brother and Cousin and Cousin’s fiancĂ© all live together in a great house where they have loads of chickens and rabbits. This is our last great pit-stop where we can wrap up all our loose ends before we’re out of the country.

* Care Packages from my parents and from Dan and Chris from Beyond
* Visiting the TCI shop and they added a rear support bar to our motorcycle rack!
* Making/enjoying delicious breakfasts and dinners with friends and family. (Emily helped David kill and clean a bunny!)
* Being tourists with Emily and exploring Hollywood and Santa Monica.

Go Sounders!

Go Sounders!

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Thanks TCI

Thanks TCI

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