Loreto to CD Constitucion

2014-04-01 at 18-33-16

Staying in Loreto with Bruce and his other house guests was a real treat, super nice people who love Mexico and fishing. We had a slow start this morning due to having a nice time chatting with them and going out to breakfast at a little restaurant right on the boulevard on the beach. Loreto is lovely! We left ~noon on our way to Ciudad Constitucion. The road was full of construction and diversions which only really slowed us down once as they had all traffic stopped both ways to clear debris. We arrived in Constitucion and spotted an Auto Zone. Perfect time to perform yet another oil change on our little sherpa. Grocery store and delicious taco stand later, and we’re camping at a little RV shop on the West side of town. Time to do some research on La Paz and see what we need to do to catch the Ferry to Mazatlan!

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