Coos-Elk Prairie-Orick-Lower Redwoods

I haven’t written much as we’ve been in and out of signal and rain.
Highlights and lowlights:

Between Coos and our camping destination at Elk Prairie there were amazing ocean views! 101 is a gorgeous ride. Rain sprinkled on us on and off, but not too bad. It really started coming down right as we setup camp and escaped into our warm tent. Pretending to be hikers, we snuck our little bike into the hikers camping area and camped for free.

The next morning we spoiled ourselves by sleeping in (at least I did) and going to a tiny cafe for amazing steak and eggs. On our waiter’s suggestion, we rode out to view a fern canyon where apparently some scenes from Starwars and Jurassic Park were filmed. The ride out to it was beautiful in itself and the most actual dirt bike riding I’ve ever done, so fun!


Leaving there we got stuck in an intense downpour, found a campsite and put our soggy selves to bed.

Avenue of the Giants… Amazing road!!!
You just drive and drive and drive through a narrow road surrounded by giant redwoods. We couldn’t help but stop many times to stare at enormous trees!






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