Doe Bay weekend



This was my second trip out to Doe Bay. This time the trusty Subaru was left at home and the less trusty Volkswagen Bus took four of us out to Orcas for a Valentines get-away weekend. We met up with two more friends who happened to be up there for the same weekend. It was a great relaxing time! Doe Bay was beautiful with some blistery weather, we were nice and cozy with six of us sleeping in their “Gnome-Dome”.
Three visits to their legendary soaking tubs and sauna was great for relaxing and meeting wonderful people. Live music accompanied by a string-quartet on Saturday evening… I’m spoiled to be able to experience such a wonderful environment. The ferry ride home was exciting with the wind/rain storm smacking the boat around, the front of the boat hit waves hard enough to spray water up into the door of the second-floor passenger compartment.

I’m convinced that Doe Bay is a beautiful destination regardless of the weather. Go if you have the chance!

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